​​​​​​​​​Gentle Dove Wellness

(formerly Gentle Dove Reiki)

a Usui/Holy Fire Reiki ART/Master-Teacher Certificate

and a copy of “Pillar of Light”, a Holy Fire Healing Journey CD!!!

 & a Usui /Holy Fire Level II  “Reiki Symbols” Meditation CD—only for Level II students (you must take the full 2 day course to receive this free gift.   If you are taking the one day Level II class you may purchase a copy at class)

Level 1 & 2 Certification Course

During this two day certification course, you will learn about our human energy system,  the history of Reiki, an explanation of Holy Fire Reiki, be shown the hand position protocol and receive a Level I and Level II Placement and Holy Fire Experiences.  
You will have the opportunity to learn how to scan and clear the human energy field of negative energy blockages.  You will learn how to clear negative energy in their home, work place and more!

Each student will have a minimum of 3 hours per day of hands on practice!  If you choose you may take just a 1 day Level One class or If you’re a Usui Reiki Level One Practitioner you can take just the 2nd day class!

Level I & II Certification Course  Fee** $425.00​ (Early Bird Fee*** $400.00)

1 Day Class Fees

Level One Only Class Fee** $245.00   (Early Bird Fee*** $225.00) - for anyone who wants to only take the Level I class 

Level Two Only Class Fee** $260.00  (Early Bird Fee*** $240.00)  -  only if you already are certified as a Level I

***Early Bird discounts apply if registering 30 days prior to the class start date 

You can register with just a $100.00** deposit today!

Class Fees includes the ICRT Reiki Level I & II Manual, 

ART/Master-Teacher Level Certification Course 

“The Healing Touch”
a Usui/Holy Fire 
Reiki Level I &/or II
Certificate(s) as applicable

During this three day certification course, you will receive and be introduced to using the Usui Reiki Master symbol & the Holy Fire symbol to enhance your healing practice and enable you to teach students. You will learn to how to teach all class levels and give Reiki Level I, II & ART Placements, Reiki Master/Teacher Ignitions.  You will learn to facilitate Reiki Healing Experiences to accelerate and deepen your client healing sessions.  You will be shown how to create  & maintain a Reiki Crystal Healing Grid, and much more....​

3 Day Course Fee** $410.00  

You can register with only a $100.00** deposit today!

Your Course Fee includes the

ICRT Holy Fire II Reiki Master Manual,