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Linda is a certified Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Master/Teacher, Holy Fire Karuna Master/Teacher and IET (Integrated Energy Therapy) Master/Instructor.

Linda offers energy healing sessions in the following energy modalities: 

Usui/Holy Fire Reiki $70/ 1 hour in office

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Holy Fire Karuna Reiki $85/1 hour in office

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IET (Integrated Energy Therapy) $70/1hour in office

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Remote/Long Distance and Out of Office sessions are available.  Additional costs may be charged

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We are happy to announce the addition of Jodie Smola who has recently joined our center here in Harleysville.  She is a multiple modality energy worker focused on healing her clients’ physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy blockages. She is constantly learning new modalities in order to help others the best she can. Each modality and healing session creates the potential for restoring and balancing the mind, body and soul of every individual.

From well known modalities like Usui Reiki, to lesser known ones like Quan Yin’s Lavender Flame, energy work has the potential to help every living being. While there are many benefits to energy work, the first noticeable ones are usually a sense of peace, calm and love, along with stress reduction. Improved sleep quality and quantity are typically the next noticeable improvements. Energy work helps your body return to homeostasis where it can begin to heal itself.

Energy work focuses on removing energy blockages and replenishing life force energy within an individual. When energy is flowing properly, our bodies can begin to heal.

Have you tried everything else? Hit a wall that you can’t get past? Not getting better? Jodie invites you to see what energy work can offer you.

Today Jodie is far from where she started in life. Spending most of her life dipping her toes into the holistic world, she found serenity and purpose once she committed to her journey. She will offer you a sense of peace and wellness through her holistic practices.

Holistic healing is a lifelong evolution that requires dedication, effort and intention. If you are willing to heal yourself, you can. Jodie believes that when we help one person, even ourselves, we help everyone.

We are connected. We are all one. Energy work embodies this belief.

Jodie invites you to experience her varied holistic modalities.

Andara Crystals - Andara crystals are an intense spiritual experience for those who are ready. They are lemurian in origin and are multi-dimensional. They will only be used if requested in advanced. My experience with them has been profound and I am called to share them with others. They can be used in energy healing sessions or on their own.

Andara Crystal Session 25-30 minutes $45
Andara Crystals with Energy Healing 45-60 minutes $75

Chios® Energy Healing - Negative energies are removed from your energetic body, aura leaks & tears are repaired, and your chakras are unblocked and charged.

Chios® sessions 1 to 1.5 hours $90

Quan Yin’s Lavender Flame - This wonderful loving energy utilizes the lavender portion of the Violet Flame. It is gentle yet powerful, transmuting all negative energy & blockages into light. It is a 5th dimensional energy.

Lavender Flame Session 25-30 minutes $45
Lavender Flame with another energy modality 45-60 minutes $75

Telos Healing - Healing with the power of love. The Lemurian energy is soothing and quickly a favorite to most recipients. Healing sessions can be programmed into crystals for a one time use at your home. Sessions are 10-20 minutes in length and can be added on to the end of another energy session.

Telos session 10-20 minutes $45
Telos session with another energy modality 45-60 minutes $75

Sekhem Seichim & Isis Seichim - Egyptian energy healing modalities work extremely well with emotional blockages, including those stemming from karma and past lives. They are a higher vibrational energy than Usui Reiki and are fluid like water.

Mini Session 20-30 minutes $30
Full Session 45-60 minutes $60

Ethereal Crystals - Harnesses and multiplies the vibration of healing crystals. Ethereal crystals can be placed into chakras, organs or water. They may be used in compliment to energy healing or stand alone.

Ethereal Crystal session 20-30 minutes $45
Ethereal Crystal session with another energy modality 45-60 minutes $75

Vibrational Reiki™ - Marries traditional Usui Reiki with the healing tones of tuning forks. Tuning forks for each chakra remove blockages and restore proper energy flow. Chakras are then treated with Usui Reiki to replenish life force energy.

Mini Session (Tuning fork portion) 20-30 minutes $45
Full Session 45-60 minutes $75

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Linda Groman

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