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Meditation Groups at Gentle Dove Reiki

Energy Healing Mediations - Monthly  (RSVP req'd)

Join Rev, Jodie Smola for these special healing meditations guided by Spirit.  Energy Healing balances our chakras and corrects our energy flow while being lead on a guided meditation. You will leave relaxed, refreshed and energetically reset.  This peaceful journey is available to all levels (beginners to advanced) No experience is necessary. Every attendee receives the spiritual healing they need. 

This group serves all levels of experience (beginner to experienced meditators).  

Check our Community Event Calendar for dates and times.

Contact Jodie at 267-354-4530 or email her at

This group is for you if you are telling yourself "I've tried and just can't meditate!"  This group is excellent for a first time meditator or anyone who has struggled or found it frustrating to meditate. The most common complaint is "I can't seem to stop the thoughts" or "I have found it very difficult to quiet my mind".

​​Unlike mindfulness meditation, guided meditation provides context for the mind to focus on and assists the meditator in obtaining the level of lower brain waves (alpha waves) without the frustration or struggle! Many experienced meditators enjoy both guided and mindfulness meditation practices. 


$10 per person to attend. Registration is requested via email or call/text us at 267-416-6005 - but drop-ins are more than welcome! 

Check our Community Calendar of Events for actual dates and times 

Full Moon Guided Meditation Gathering  (RSVP req'd)

Take a seat or lie down on a blanket or mat and relax while we energetically connect with the energy of the Full Moon. The Full Moon pours down so much energy, meditating during this time creates calm, mindfulness and stillness.

$10 per person to attend

Registration is required in advance.  

Contact Jodie at 267-354-4530 or email her at  to register and inquires about dates and times

Special Guided Healing Meditation Groups- Monthly 
Beginner Meditation Group - Monthly 
 (RSVP requested - drop-ins welcome)
Past Life Energy Healing  (RSVP req'd)

This healing layered with sound healing and a channeled guided visualization. This evening will be Imara Reiki for a past life visit and energy blockage release.

$10 per person to attend

Registration is required..

Contact Jodie at 267-354-4530 or email her at  to register and inquires about dates and times