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Egyptian Group Energy Healing Mediation

Sit back, relax, listen to music and allow the Egyptian energy healing modality of Sekhem Seichim bathe you in a full healing session.  

Sekhem Seichim is an ancient Egyptian form of healing that often feels like water flowing through the body.  It is a higher vibrational energy than Usui Reiki and often activates the recipient's clairvoyance.  No experience is necessary

Sunday, August 25th, 2019 @ 7-7:30 pm

Registration is required in advance/ Space is limited

$10 per person - pay at the door


Contact Jodie at 267-354-4530 or email her at

This group is for you if you are telling yourself "I've tried and just can't meditate!"  This group is excellent for a first time meditator or anyone who has struggled or found it frustrating to meditate. The most common complaint is "I can't seem to stop the thoughts" or "I have found it very difficult to quiet my mind".

​​Unlike mindfulness meditation, guided meditation provides context for the mind to focus on and assists the meditator in obtaining the level of lower brain waves (alpha waves) without the frustration or struggle! Many experienced meditators enjoy both guided and mindfulness meditation practices. 


(Except Dec 2019 - 3rd Weds)

$10 per person to attend. Registration is requested via email or call/text us at 267-416-6005 - but drop-ins are more than welcome! 

Check our Community Calendar of Events for actual dates and times 

Special Guided Healing Meditation Groups
Beginner Meditation Group - Monthly 
 (RSVP requested - drop-ins welcome)
Group Past Life Regression

Have you ever wondered about your past lives? Would you like to see a past life or two in a safe, loving environment? 

Past Life Regressions are deep guided meditations where you are able to access your own memories of your past lives.  Anyone can be regressed if they have the desire to do so.

NO Experience is necessary.  All are welcome to attend!

Sunday, September 29th 2019 @ 6-8pm

$20 per person to attend

Registration is required..

Contact Jodie at 267-354-4530 or email her at  to register and inquires about dates and times

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