Empath Skills Workshop

Are you easily overwhelmed by other people's emotions?

Do you actively avoid large groups?

Are you often told that you are overly sensitive?

Do you suffer from chronic exhaustion and prefer to sit alone to recover your energy?

Does the weather affect your emotions and energy level?

‚ÄčThese are just SOME of the traits of an EMPATH. 

If you can relate to any or all of them, this workshop is for you! 

Join Reverend Jodie to learn more about what empaths are, the different types of empaths and how empaths can balance their lives to avoid overload.  

This workshop will provide you with techniques to use to survive as an empath in an over stimulated world.  You can thrive as an empath, this is your first step! 

Open to anyone who feels called to attend.  For questions or to register EMAIL moonshaman@gmail.com

Thursday, October 10, 2019 @ 7 - 9 pm

$40 per person -  No experience needed but registration required in advance... Space is limited!